Carole King Writer Rhymes & Reasons Исполнитель Кэрол Кинг Carole King инфо 9123z.

Содержание 1 Spaceship Races 2 No Easy Way Down 3 Child Of Mine 4 Goin' Back 5 To Love 6 What Have You Got To Lose 7 Eventually 8 Raspberry Jam 9 Can't You Be Real 10 Iвавах Can't Hear You No More 11 Sweet Sweetheart 12 Up On The Roof 13 Come Down Easy 14 My My She Cries 15 Peace In The Valley 16 Feeling Sad Tonight 17 First Day In August 18 Bitter With The Sweet 19 Goodbye Don't Mean I'm Gone 20 Stвмжьсand Behind Me 21 Gotta Get Through Another Day 22 I Think I Can Hear You 23 Ferguson Road 24 Been To Canaan Исполнитель Кэрол Кинг Carole King.

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