World Architecture Greece From Mycenae to the Parthenon 2009 г Суперобложка, 224 стр ISBN 978-3-8365-1038-7 Язык: Английский Формат: 245x310 Мелованная бумага, Цветные иллюстрации инфо 6332z.

From the superb mausoleum of Mausolus in Halicarnassus, stop by the shrine to Apollo at Delphi with its famous oracle, or pass through the imposing Lion Gate in Mycenae This "picture book journey" tвгкюяakes us through all the important architectural sites in ancient Greece "Noble simplicity, quiet proportions" was how the distinguished archaeologist Johann Joachim Winckelmann once described Greek culture, and the beauty of classical art certainly lies in iвооашts simplicity This book is a comprehensive introduction to the architecture of perfect harmony and proportion, and a journey into the splendid art of the Mediterranean Иллюстрации Автор Анри Стирлен Henri Stierlin.

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